Charles answered the call to serve after 9/11. Now he answers that call once again.

We’re in a war for the soul of the Republic and Hoosiers need a fighter.

Send a fighter to DC. Vote for Charles on May 3rd.


Charles and his campaign team filed legal documents on Tuesday, March 15, asking for an emergency stay that would allow his name to appear on the ballot in Indiana's 4th District against U.S. Representative Jim Baird (R). Charles has filed paperwork showing his undoubted support for the Republican party, yet was denied the chance to run for office because of the new two-primary rule in Indiana.

THIS INDIANA BALLOT LAW IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is being used as a way to protect incumbents.

Click below to read the legal documents for more information.


Charles' campaign has been challenged by entrenched Republicans. Click here to sign a petition to stop unconstitutional ballot requirements in Indiana and keep Charles Bookwalter on the ballot!

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Charlie Bookwalter grew up in Vermillion County, Indiana, Graduating from Indiana University, Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal studies and a minor in Political Science.


After 9/11 Charlie answered George W. Bush’s call and enlisted in the US Army Special Forces serving as a Special Forces Senior Medical Sergeant. He completed two combat tours earning multiple awards including the Bronze Star for service in combat. He remained on active duty until 2012.


After returning to Indiana, Charlie reconnected with a close friend he met while doing an internship at the Pentagon. Together they developed a commercial property in Frankfort, Indiana. While working for Intuitive Surgical 2014-2021 as a medical device surgical representative he then opened a Jimmy John’s as the anchor store.


Charlie lives in Thorntown, Indiana on a small homestead with his wife Beverly. They homeschool their three daughters, Natalie, Josephine, and Sadie. He is an active member and servant at Lebanon Christian Church.


"Liberty is not a radical idea."


Liberty is Under Attack

Lockdown policies are ruining lives and all restrictions need to be lifted immediately. Individuals should decide what is best for their situation, not politicians and definitely not public health bureaucrats. They forced businesses and schools to close despite zero evidence that it reduced the spread and the damage to society is immeasurable. 

The 2nd Amendment isn't Just for Hunting

The Founders were clear that every person has the God-given right to defend themselves and their property, and that an armed populace is an essential check on a would-be tyrannical government. These rights are non-negotiable. I will fight for all Hoosiers to keep and bear arms without pre-conditions or registries.

Endless Money Printing is Destroying the Middle Class

So-called stimulus programs have led to runaway inflation in everything we buy. Working people and retirees on fixed incomes who spend most of what they earn are hurt the most by this insidious tax. We need to halt the money printing schemes and cut red tape to get inflation under control.

Without Secure and Fair Elections Our Country Will Not Survive

Elections should not be decided by surprise “previously uncounted” boxes of mail-in ballots at 3am in Milwaukee, Charlotte, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Philadelphia. All voters should be required to show photo ID and provide a signature, and the protocols for counting and verifying ballots should be transparent and secure. 

Government Schools are Failing our Children

We need to support school choice by funding students, not systems. Bringing free market dynamics to the education system will result in better outcomes for all students and lower costs. 


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Watch Charlie's Election Board Hearing here.